Here are a few quick pictures showing some of the head work done.
This first one shows the stud girdle for valve cover clearancing. It won't clear a tall steel cover. Or it might clear with some elbow grease and a big hammer.

This one shows a nice side profile of the Harland Sharp roller rocker. ARP 7/16" studs with Isky adjustable guide plates. Note that the spring used is just a test spring. And there is actually about 1/8" space between the rocker and girdle.
The chamber is unfinished in this picture. I opened the chamber up to match the bore diameter. And releived some material to make an efficient quench area. The valves are 2.055 int, and 1.71 exh.
I did a five angle valve job, then ported out the runner for maximum flow. And see how the valve is set into the seat. Means a nice a clean quench area.

Note the lack of metal around the valve guide. And that the intake runner is NOT polished. It will have a very good flow, without (hopefully) losing TOO much low end power.