Modifications: Intake

Although this is an easy modification, I do not recommend it for people who are not going to race them.
I took a Offenhauser 360 manifold, and milled out the center plenum divider. I liked the runner on the 360 manifold, And it was already a single plane, just divided. Some of you might ask why not just get a Edelbrock Torker? I didn't do this route because the 360 manifold has the runners that are paired, and the Torker has all independent. I feel that with the open plenum and the paired runners that don't actually divide until about 2 inches from the head. I feel that this will help out on the bottom end, withou any noticable decrease in the top end performance allowed by the open plenum.
This also is designed for the rpm range that I intend to operate this motor in. Given that my cam is a solid roller with 236/244 degrees @.050. And 560/579 lift. I got it with a 114 centerline. So with this combination should allow for a pretty good bottom end for lugging around, and still not limiting the top end.
I am a little concerned that this cam will not allow for low rpm lugging. If this is the case, I will get a cam with less duration.
I designed the entire system around a VERY strong motor that will rap out very quickly. And I feel that this intake will fullfil this part of the task.