There are a couple of oil bypasses that are availible for AMC motors.
The first is one that I made myself, but can be bought commercially. Look at the July 98 issue of Hot Rod Magazine for an article on an AMC 401.
This bypass is brought about for the lack of oil at the 7 - 8 rod and main bearings. The oil system flows the oil from front to back, and under quick acceration, leads to lack of oil in a VERY critical area.
The bypass consists of an AN fitting inside the intake valley between the lifters for number 6 and 8. Drill and tap for the fitting in to the oil passage.
The pictures provided in the Hot Rod article are pretty good.
Then drill and tap for the fitting on the vertical surface of the oil passage at the front of the block.
Now take and connect these fittings with the proper length of braided hose.
I hope to have some actual pictures soon to help explain.

The second bypass is really a small hose that simple squirts oil on the distributor and cam gears. I don't have this bypass on my motor, but have heard good things about them.
On my motor I have made a thrust plate. And on the oil plugs that are located behind the timing gear. I drilled and extremely small hole in each plug.
This allows for a small amount of pressurized oil on the timing gear itself. Which in turn slings the oil around pretty well.
I felt that this was a nice precaution due to the fact that I have a solid roller cam that will stress the chain more then a normal cam.
I also created a small groove in the front cam bearing to allow for pressurized oil to lubricate the thrust plate. Thus making it an almost bullet proof process.