Modifications: Oil Pump

The Modifications that I have done to my oil pump is to my best knowledge, not been done. This just means that I have never read about anyone trying this technique, not that anyone has not done it.
For the most part of what I have read on oil pump modifications, it has been limited to changing the end clearances, and maybe a stiffer spring for more pressure.
There is a kit the runs extra lines to the oil pump, next Mods artical, but it seems that everyone has basically left the pump itself alone. This is due to the fact that the pump housing is made of aluminum, and there isn't much that can be done that is cost effective.
Now your probably wondering why bother, the racers just used a stiifer spring for more pressure, then the dual line pickup. Well, To be exact, I didn't plan on using the dual line pickup immediately. As a matter of fact, I started the design before I tried to get the dual line pickup. I figured that there must be an easy way to increase the gear height and maybe the number of teeth to increase both pressure and volume. I founf that the use of some MOPAR oil pump gears, 318 I think, can't remember now without looking it up.
These gears are about 1/8" taller and have two more teeth. Perfect! Only problem is that the gear is about .007" too large, and that these are only gears, without the shaft on one for the drive. Problem solved by drilling out, used a lathe, the gears to except the stock AMC shafts. Then bored the pump housing on a milling machine. Turns out that the stock AMC oil pump housing isn't always perfectly 'true'. Used a key to keep the shaft in the gear without spinning.
Now that the gears are done, one BIG problem, what about the extra 1/8" of gear?
This is where one can either make a spacer plate that has dowel pins that allows for the taller gear. I started this process, and it would be great if this was the only modification to be done. But since I was planning on getting the dual line kit, I decided to try a different approach. I am taking the spacer that comes with the dual line kit, and milling out the room needed for the taller gears. This is a better plan for me because I want tot use the dual line kit, and the fewer gaskets and peices used, the better. It is also a lined up piece that shouldn't need dowel pins to locate it in relation to the gears. Although I still might dowel pin it for safety.

This modifying of the spacer is happening at this moment, so I will keep this updated to follow my progress.